The Midsummer Magick Festival - a unique new Faire

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Helping out the Schreiber's Farm land - from Forest Folk
transversecity wrote in midsummermagick

Bruce from Forest Folk came and asked me to tell you about this.

(like we did for the river wall building during the 4th of July weekend.)

Goals for this weekend include;
1) finishing the ends of the river wall,
2) removing the large Ash Tree in the swimming hole field
3) moving the entry road to a new point through the wall by the indians

Arrival after 3pm Thursday Sept 3rd, departure by dusk Monday Sept 7th.
Work by day, food, fire and friends at night.

We can use all the help we can get, so come for the weekend, a single day of night, or even a few hours. Any and all will be appreciated.

It will be free camping for anyone interested, with community kitchen just like forest folk events.


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