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Weekend of Wrong
transversecity wrote in midsummermagick
Hey, all!

So for those of you who don't know, the last day of some Faires (I'm most familiar with it at NYRF) is a "Day of Wrong", when anachronisms flit among the anachronisms, surfers and cowboys show up, and general strangeness ensues!

Well, we've decided to make that the theme of the last weekend of Midsummer Magick! And for that, we'll be seeking you. Do you have something that wouldn't fit in with our Faire ordinarily, but which might work as part of a (relatively family-friendly) Weekend of Wrong? Do you want to come by dressed in a costume of non-Ren-wear? Do you have suggestions?

Speak up! Speak up!

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I've been working on some Steampunkish outfits that might be ready by then.

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